Brisbane to Gold Coast
Cycle Challenge

Queensland's biggest and best bike ride is on again! Join thousands of riders as they pedal 100km from South Bank, Brisbane, to Southport on the Gold Coast.

Sunday 15 October 2017

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Cycling trumps cancer

When Lucy Chatfield lines up with her dad for this year’s Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge (B2GC) on October 15, the ride will have special significance. Peter Chatfield is a cancer survivor who started cycling as part of his recovery post his chemo treatment in 2005. At 75, he’s now cancer free and has completed the annual 100km ride six times. But 2017 will be the first time his...


One wheel, 100km and one man

For those of you who think 100km on a road bike is just a warm up, could you hack it on a unicycle? Meet eldest registered rider Fred Bennet’s son, Sean. Not to be outdone by his tough-as-teak 83 year old dad, Sean will ride his third Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge on a unicycle on October 15. Once a keen marathon runner, feet issues pushed Sean towards cycling. But his son’s...


Reckon you’re too old to ride?

Meet Fred. At 83 years young, he’s survived pancreatic cancer surgery and being knocked off his bike by a car. Yet come October 15, he’ll line up for his first Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge in over seven years. Fred and his customised Apollo bike are tough customers. The Laurieton resident, who only moved there earlier this year after his wife passed away, has been getting...


Ladies-only preparation rides

Ladies, are you looking for some riding fabulous female buddies to get your B2GC prep started? We’ve got that sorted! Check out the upcoming ladies-only group rides right across southeast Queensland. They’re just the ticket for boosting your endurance and confidence whilst riding with a great bunch of women. The rides will cater to various levels of riders and some will even be led b...

The Heart Foundation

Ride in support of the Heart Foundation

Heart disease is the single biggest killer of Australians - taking a life every twelve minutes. Did you know there are 700,000 Queenslanders living with heart disease? That's enough people to fill Suncorp Stadium thirteen times. These are the survivors. There are thousands more families living with the legacy of having lost a loved one prematurely to heart disease. So please help the Heart Foundation by stretching your fundraising muscle, as well as your calf muscles, in this year's B2GC - your heart and others' hearts will feel better for it!

Learn more about the Heart Foundation.