What do you get when you team up a 15-year-old event with a 77-year-old cyclist: the 2019 Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge

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June 11, 2019

Queensland bike riders of all ages and abilities are gearing up to
celebrate the 15th birthday of South-East Queensland’s best loved
cycling event, the Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge.

Seventy-six-year-old Sunshine Coast cyclist, Roger Bonhomme, will be
riding in the event with a personal mission in mind – to complete the 100-kilometre
ride in under six hours.

A regular bike-rider until his mid-teens, Mr Bonhomme’s passion for
cycling was rekindled when his son gave him an old mountain bike for Christmas
two years ago.

He built up distances on the bike and decided to take on the challenge
of B2GC last year with fun at heart and some key goals in mind.

“My overall plan was to finish last year’s ride, to do it non-stop, and
to complete the course in less than six hours,” he said.

“I have averaged about 12 to 14 kilometres per hour on rough, gravel
cycle trails so far, so I felt that 16 kilometres per hour should be achievable
on bitumen.

“I just about succeeded – my only stop was for a puncture coming into
Hope Island and at the finish line, my bike GPS showed I had taken six hours
and one minute,” he said.

Mr Bonhomme said while the ride was enjoyable, and physically
challenging, it was also a great test of his mental stamina.

“The event for a 76-year-old was tough – mentally and physically – I had
an ‘L’ Plate stapled to my backpack, with the words ‘Mr Wobbly’ written on it
so that other riders were aware,” he said.

Bicycle Queensland CEO Anne Savage encouraged people of all ages and abilities
to get involved in cycling.

“Roger is living proof that you’re never too old to get back on a bike
and relive your childhood,” she said.

“He’s an inspiration to so many others, demonstrating that age is no
barrier to health and happiness – it is a great pathway to connecting with
others and strengthening well-being.”

Almost 5,000 cyclists are expected to ride through a traffic-free South East
Busway on Sunday September 15 in celebration of the event’s 15th

There are a range of options available for riders of all ages and
abilities, including a 60-kilometre ride starting at Logan, with all roads
leading to live music and great food at the Gold Coast Finish Line.

The ride will also be raising funds for the Mater Foundation’s Smiling
for Smiddy – furthering the fight against cancer.


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