B2GC goes international

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October 5, 2017

Those of us who call the Sunshine State home all know that B2GC is THE best ride in Queensland and it seems the message is getting out to our international friends

Jefferson Lousa from Brazil

B2GC17 will welcome riders from Brazil, South Africa, Japan and New Zealand next weekend.

One wouldn’t normally weave a B2GC ride into an overseas family holiday without expecting an ear bashing from the family.

But our first ever participant from Brazil, Jefferson Lousa, is one lucky man.

“When it passed by my mind to participate, I thought my wife would kill me if I said that I will cycle during our vacation.

“But I was surprised when she and my son encouraged me!” laughs Jefferson.

Adriaan Britz from South Africa

It’s a similar story for South African visitor Adriaan Britz.

Adriaan will visit his brother’s family who are living near Brisbane and working in the air force. As a production manager in South Africa for a company specializing in custom cycling clothing, Adriaan couldn’t resist the lure of cycling in Australia.

“When I came across your site, I could not believe your race coincides with our visit to the Gold Coast. The timing was just too perfect not to enter.”

Though he’ll be travelling with his wife, sister and her husband, and his dad, Adriaan’s faithful ‘Shadow’, aka his matt black Giant Propel Advanced 1, won’t be making the journey with him.

B2GC17 is also excited to welcome our first ever tour group from Japan who will visit Queensland for five days to ride, relax and enjoy the best of the Sunshine State.

With cycling rapidly growing in popularity in Japan and international holidays to take part in sporting events like the Gold Coast Airport Marathon already commonplace, it’s little wonder that B2GC17 is the perfect fit.

Ayaka Tanaka from Japan

To help the Japanese contingent feel more at home, B2GC17 has enlisted the help of self-confessed cycling evangelist, Ayaka Tanaka, as an honorary B2GC Ambassador.

“I would like to become a bridge between Japanese and Queensland cyclists,” Ayaka said.

“I would love more Japanese cyclists to know Queensland is an attractive and amazing cycling destination! I hope more and more Japanese cyclists become interested in joining B2GC in the future.

“While riding B2GC, I hope many Australian cyclists and international cyclists get to know each other and enjoy cycling together! With our bikes, we can communicate so easily and can become good mates. I believe a bike can overcome any language barrier!”

For any Japanese riders out there, check Ayaka out on our special Japanese B2GC Facebook (日本語) page.

Have a great ride on Sunday October 15 everyone!