Cycling trumps cancer

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September 22, 2017

When Lucy Chatfield lines up with her dad for this year’s Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge (B2GC) on October 15, the ride will have special significance.

Peter Chatfield is a cancer survivor who started cycling as part of his recovery post his chemo treatment in 2005.

At 75, he’s now cancer free and has completed the annual 100km ride six times. But 2017 will be the first time his daughter has been able to join him in Queensland’s biggest mass participation ride having previously been living overseas.

“I had just started riding a bike after many years of absence but when I was diagnosed, I went out and bought myself a proper road bike and started getting serious,” Peter says.

For Peter and his wife too, cycling has been key to their recovery from cancer on two levels.

“Psychologically it’s helped both of us cope with a disease where you can get depressed if you let it get on top of you,” Peter says.

Peter’s new found cycling adventures were derailed temporarily a few years ago when he required stents to be inserted into his heart.

“I wanted to do (B2GC) again but when I had the stent, I sort of lost confidence a bit.”

Lucy introduced Peter to the Bay Bikers, an informal group of riders who organise regular rides for all levels of riders around the Redcliffe area, where Peter met fellow riders who also had heart stents.

Since then, Peter’s gotten his groove back.

“B2GC is something that I’ve enjoyed riding – 100km is about my limit these days – and I wanted to give it another shot actually.

“Cycling generally gives me some freedom and it does help me keep fit, more so since I’ve had this heart condition, because it’s something that I find easy on the body,” Peter says.

This year’s B2GC will be the first chance for Lucy and Peter to participate in a major sporting event together.

“I’ve always supported by daughter in her triathlons – we go and watch her – so B2GC is just something that will be nice to do together.

“It’s the first opportunity we’ve had because she lived overseas for some time,” Peter says.

But don’t expect these two to enjoy a leisurely cruise on Sunday October 15.

“Dad’s super competitive even at 75,” says Lucy.

“We’re on Strava and we’re always trying to get a PB or beat somebody else’s QOM or something like that.”

Guess all be watching Strava on October 15 to see comes out on top! Have a great B2GC17 Peter and Lucy!